This is a very attractive species with a yellowish body with copper tints. The body is marked with four vertical bars, the first bar is blackish and starts to the front of the first dorsal fin spine runs across the eye to the lower part of the back of the head. The second, dark brown, from the third to fifth dorsal spines, downward, crossing the posterior angle of operculum and pectoral root, down to the pelvic insertion. The third bar is darker brown and runs from the last dorsal fin spines down towards the base of the anal fin at a slightly oblique angle, with an obvious black spot in its uppermost part. The fourth bar is darker than the others and could be described as blackish runs over the caudal peduncle. A black stripe runs between the eyes to the end of the short snout. The remainder of the upper part of head and the snout is orang. Every scale on the body has an orange horizontal stripe. The median fin spines and rays an


Feeds on chopped mussels, oysters, marine flakes food.

Fish information

  • Category: Butterfly
  • Scientific Name: Chaetodon Hoefleri
  • Common Name:Four Banded Butterflyfish, Hoefler’s Butterflyfish